I really enjoyed this chat with Dawn and Micha from YesB VIP – we could have chatted for hours! YesB VIP is a local Widnes business that produce a range of vegan hair care and hair repair products for women, men and children.

Dawn and Micha are incredibly passionate about their hair care brand and the help their products give to people suffering with hair loss and hair damage. Transcribing the video was… interesting! Do watch the video and don’t forget to follow YesB VIP on their socials to keep up with their story.

#HaltonHour Interview with YesB VIP Dawn and Micha

Why choosing the right business and brand name is important. Following a passion and solving a hair-loss problem. Makers markets and getting the sensitive topic of hair loss and hair repair to the people who need it.

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#HaltonHour Features YesB VIP Transcript

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Jan Kearney 0:08
So welcome to HaltonHour, I start with would you like to introduce yourselves and your business?

Dawn 0:16
Absolutely. So, thank you. First of all, I’m having opposites, you know, an absolute pleasure to be involved in this interview. And my name is Dawn. I’m the director of YesB VIP. And this is my gorgeous daughter, Micha, who is the face of most of the brands, and her daughter. And so we’ve got a family of three generations, our Phoebe heads off the face of our little bee. And we are a company that has worked with amazing manufacturers in the UK, for products that encourage hair growth and hair repair. So that’s what the brand is all about. We’re vegan, we’re eco, and we’re all about hair repair. I’ve been in the industry as long as I can remember, I used to teach at Halton college trained at Hugh Baird, Liverpool Community College. And I thought I would no one day like to own a brand that I really believed in and something that I develop myself. And when Micha had her little girl, didn’t have very good time did you? I just thought right okay, we’re going to… took our pension out be and hubby, and put our money into the brand. And here we are now.

Micha 1:36
She really has put everything into it like everything. Like, I’m so proud of her. I don’t know you’re my mum. I really am so proud of what you’ve done and you’ve created such an amazing brands and amazing products that actually do work. And I can’t stress enough how much they do work so I am really proud from the bottom of my heart.

Dawn 1:57
Aww, awww,

Jan Kearney 1:57
Isn’t that lovely

Dawn 2:00
You’re telling me? Oh, by the way, anyone who knows me or who I’ve taught there’s probably people who watch this interview, I’ve taught they’re all grown up this and they’ve got their own salons now. I’m so passionate I waffle. So if you want me to shut up, please just tell me to be quiet because I can’t, I can’t help myself. And the bracket when I talk about, you know, manufacturing the brands… Micha is also helps you doesn’t realise how much she’s helped because the brand is for everybody. You know, I’m getting old now and it’s like Micha and Pheobe’s legacy, but every single product is about hair issues that we’ve seen over the years. And also with with Micha being involved, it makes sure that my generation so the over 50 is accounted for a lot of these products help with things that have got menopausal hair issues or hair loss or stress or shock or you know, men who are recovering from chemo.

Micha is also then support the development of the brand because people lose their hair for other reasons excessive use of hair extensions, colour in staightners, wands you know things that things that her generation use. And then we’ve got our Phoebe’s generation, the baby’s generation, where hair is, fine, fragile, scalp issues, keeping it strong, we’ve got children that have had alopecia that we’ve helped so the brand is has been developed for absolutely everyone. And we were starting to, it’s took three years to get us where we are. Now, we didn’t get it to market for 18 months, because no trials, we started off I think with with four products initially. And now we’re over 15. And we’ve got two more new new products coming. We’ll talk about where we’re going with that later on in the interview, too. Because I feel like I’m waffling again!

Jan Kearney 3:51
Can I just go back to the beginning? How do you prefer the brand to be known? Because I know, you know, it can be sort of, I suppose quite controversial. So now you’ve shortened it to YesB so do you want the YesB VIP? Or, YesB? How do you prefer to be known?

Dawn 4:09
So the company we are a registered company, and it’s called YesB VIP. The logo itself if you have a look at the logo, it’s Yes Bitch and it stands for Yes Bitch we can do this. And how that happened was we were working with ladies who had lost their hair through chemo. And or there were some ladies that lost their hair, or the young girls that have lost their hair through domestic violence issues. And what we will do is we try to empower the brand to say, look, we’re here. We’re united, we’re we’re a family. It’s not just about just about having a product. We’re known for the fragrance of the products and the fragrances that are there to empower. However, in the world of Google in the world of of Instagram and Facebook and being politically correct, we felt that it would be unfair to branch the brands out Would you do that using using the Yes Bitch. So the logo is there…

Because we don’t want people to get the wrong end of the stick at the end of the day. Yes Bitch. It’s quite a statement as a name. And within itself, we have had a few people that have gone Oh, oh, Bitch! When we’ve explained that the actual meaning behind that people have done understood. But we’ve stripped it back just a little bit, because we don’t want to come across something that we’re not. So everything that we stand for is empowerment for women. 100%. So we wanted to voice that what in the correct way.

But also what happened was when we develop shake a baby… Shake a baby is this one, it’s like our it’s like our miracle repair in a bottle,

Micha 5:43
It does everything

Dawn 5:43
Everything. I don’t Well, what happened was we put this product out, it was literally it, this is our, our, if we’re going to sell somebody a product that sort of like encompasses a lot of things, it was our Shake It Baby. And I got an email from a girl. And it was a girl called Amy, who you’ll see our web page, she absolutely loves our brand. And her niece will accept she sent me an email with a video of her niece using Shake It Baby. And she thought we needed a smaller version. So I just put on Instagram on one of the stories and what do you think we’ve been asked, you know, and sent that the girl was shaking, the bigger bottle. But she couldn’t squirt it because she was too little. So. So that was where we thought okay, well, we’ll do a little a little version. So we did the 100ml, which I can show you, which is like the Shake It Baby Petite. And then we thought, well, we can’t call them little bitches. Even though some of the mums have said to us, well they actually! And you’ve been there. Belive it or not that’s where Little B came from.

Jan Kearney 6:48

Dawn 6:49
So we had the we had the Bitches, the Little Bs, and every all of our ladies are VIP. So we have LittleB VIP and we also adapted our uniform because we got asked to do a couple of charity events. We did one for Willowbrook hospice, where we were you know showcasing or glitter and stuff and raising money for them. And we’ve done a couple of things for the Make A Wish Foundation and we thought we can’t go to this event with the Bitch logo. So we we’ve got all the T shirts that we call up for our LittleBs and we opened up a LittleB VIP Instagram and then from that when we did the men’s range we thought well we don’t know what to call them. So we came up with a few few names and we just came up with our Yes Lad range. So we can do Lads for men at the you know,

Yeah because we are using a product called Safety First which is packed with natural proteins and this is the one that encourages hair growth. Now the ladies version smells like champagne and strawberries which is beautiful. But the men, we will find that that men where using it and we found that it with really, really well for men who were losing their hair. And they were like, oh it just smells a little bit too girly. We were like okay, then we’ll we’ll come up with something and you can have your own. We’ll call it Yes Lad. We’ll do a unique fragrance for you. And it just the the mens range journey went from there as well didn’t it?


Jan Kearney 8:20

Micha 8:21
It smells beautiful as well.

Dawn 8:23
So going back in answer to your question the company’s called YesB VIP, and I think we have to be known as YesB VIP. But the logo was designed by a guy called Phil who does tattoos. He’s a he’s a local Widnes tattooist and he is amazing. You can do tattoos on everyone tattoos on scars. And what we’ve said is we’re not going to change the logo because it’s a talking point. It is very classically done if you can see the wording and this is our one of our Yes Lad products. The word is is done in the hair. You know we still want to keep the empowerment bought on our new uniforms. The logo stays the same and Yes Bitch logo, is on everything but the company is YesB VIP. I think it well it’s opened all the doors for us because we’ve just sat notification that as part of an application through the Great British Exchange that we are allowed to go into John Lewis’s and we go in on the 28th of June. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us. We’re you know, we weren’t we were we we applied last year and were rejected and i don’t i think that we weren’t ready. But I also think as well that having the YesB it has opened other doors. But what we’re doing as well every one of our products has sassy name so we’ve got our Shake It Baby, we’ve got Replenish Me, Look After Me, Pamper Me, Indulge With Me, Protect Me. So So Smooth. We do have This B Is Glowing for one of ours, but we because we had to someone, you know, one of our customers suggested that for all, and we’ve got a vegan tan as well. So the names, we’re quite sassy and, you know, we’re quite a, I don’t know, we’re quite a dynamic or the team that

we like a bit of sass

Yeah, you’ve got a bit of sass. We are sassy ladies ourselves. So we have to throw just a little sprinkle of us in there. And it also shows that, you know, you can have a little bit of sass and have fun and yeah, you know, life is too short, as we’ve just seen could at any age,

Jan Kearney 10:15
it is,

Dawn 10:32
I’ve got no intention growing old gracefully.

Micha 10:37
I’m not letting you

Dawn 10:38
This B ain’t going

Jan Kearney 10:42
So going back to the whole John Lewis thing. So that’s the big store in Liverpool, isn’t it? It’s the, you know,

Dawn 10:50
No we’re actually going into the Trafford Centre.

Jan Kearney 10:54

Dawn 10:55
Yeah. Which is the bigger, bigger footfall. So we yet so we applied as part of them, it’s a great British exchange product projects. And what they do is they look at businesses, UK businesses, and look at things that are dif different, we were approached by a brand Rep. And said that your products are really, really good. They love the feedback on our web page, and we’ve got a 97% return purchase rate, on some of our products, which is so high

Everyone loves the Shake It Baby


Micha 11:30
And Safety First mostly, everyone just loves it don’t they?

Dawn 11:32
Absolutely. We haven’t got a, you know, on are Instagram, if you look, look, we’ve got 1500 or just under 1500 followers, we need a few more, but they are people who have used the brands and who have come back, come back and buy repeatedly. You know the product lasts a long time. So if you want to say for instance, or Shake It Baby, you’re going to get at least five months out with this bottle unless you’re drinking it! which is what

Micha 11:42
People do use it because it smells so nice, because everyone says oh, what’s that perfume? It’s genuinely not perfume.

Jan Kearney 12:00
It’s the hair product?

Dawn 12:07
But so, so that, so yeah, we will approached and to apply, and this was last year. So being a hands on heart being honest, I don’t think that we were ready, my application wasn’t as strong as it could have been. And I don’t think that we had the brand right. Because during lock down, believe it or not, had even though it was it was so hard for us because we’ll you know, I’ll talk about makers market and how we were getting the brands out there. And lockdown gave us the opportunity to develop the kids range and the men’s range further. So we developed them and we launched them. And we’re able to take them out to a couple of the central markets because we’re, you know, with the with makers market and also independent street market, and to get the brands out there. But when when John Lewis had had a look at us, as I say they rejected us and part of me, I was gutted, but I’m glad that they did. Because where we are now you know 18 months down the road it you know, we’re such a strong brand that we know. People talk to us and people are saying to us, you’re gonna do well your brand is amazing, you’re going to do well your products are amazing. We don’t get any complaints about, touch wood, we don’t get any complaints about the product at all. And I think in the whole time we’ve had one girl who we did some products that don’t have any fragrances in because there are a couple of ladies that just don’t like fragrance.

Micha 13:37
so kicked off my end. Yeah, we do. We do get a special special mixes for them. So no fragrance.

Dawn 13:45
No fragrance and one lady we’d actually gave her a bottle of Shake It Baby without the fragrance by by mistake. And you know, we’ve replaced that and she’s still buying from us now. And I think that’s it. That’s all that’s all we’ve had other than can we do more? You know, can you do? People are asking us to venture it more into the beauty side of things. And we’ve said that’s not where we want to go. We we are doing an eyelash thing, which I’ll talk to you about a bit more. But in answer to your question, yeah, so we applied and I got an email saying you’ve been provisionally approved, which you can imagine I’m on the phone to Mich going “oh my God, oh my God!” Then they said we want some more information from you. So I’m thinking Oh God, but in during lockdown we’d also had some professional photographs taken off the brand of you holding the brand, Phoebe holding in the brand. We’ve got a guy called Dean who, who heads up our men’s Yeah, our men’s range. And we were lucky because his girlfriend’s head grew grew up with offs and only lives next door. So she was in our bubble and she’s a photographer. So she Ellen, who you’ll see doing some of our tic Tock sports. You know, we’re all again, there. Call for family. So we were able to do those photographs. As a family, I would put it in the application, when n is more of this is who we are, we’re from witness, you know, we’re a three generation, the products are amazing, we’ve and we also have had a whole plethora of feedback, which, you know, we were able to share. And so they asked you for more information, and yet you’re approved. And they said, Oh, well, you know, we’re, we now need to go to store and wait for store approval, and store approval came back because yeah, they’re happy to have us in. So we go in on the 28th of June. And initially, we were supposed to be going in just for a week. Well, they’ve already asked us to do another week. So we do in in 28th, of June. And we’re also then back in, I think is the second site the second or sixth of August, we’re back in again. So what they’ll do is they’ll have a look at office, they’ll have a look at the brand, they’ll have a look at sales. And if we do really, really well on pray that we will know just to be able to go in there. And we know we’re representing john lewis, as well as altes. But just to be able to go in there, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us. And I’m sure that when people don’t see us and see our passion and see the brands, I think will do well. If we do well, they there is a strong possibility that they could offer us more options to stay in the store longer term. And that’s our that’s our our vision.

Micha 16:24

Dawn 16:25
but just don’t even get to this stage is just a massive, I think it’s a massive achievement.

Jan Kearney 16:30
absolutely huge, isn’t it? Good crops? Very, very close. Everything. So you said? I mean, do you stock your product anywhere else? is that something that you do.

Dawn 16:46
Yeah, what we do is, so we go every single weekend, we are out and about with the makers market. And we also

Micha 16:55
They’re amazing

Dawn 16:55
Yeah, the makers market are amazing. And we’re also with another company Independent Street where that that look after a couple of local markets as well. And the reason we were out and about with them wanting to get our brand name shown And we feel that if we’re out there and letting people try that try the you know, Shake It Baby, we talked about that all how it repairs in front of your eyes on one, someone tusts that one product, then they’ll trust another and everything. It’s like how I look at it is like and I can go on about the science behind it. And you know, how I look at it is if you’re growing a flower, and you’re planting that seed in the ground, you want that flower to grow. You use amazing soil, we feed it, you water it, you make sure that you’ve got all those natural ingredients plus some sunlight, you know, vitamins, minerals, everything to make that that plant grow. Some plants grow brilliantly, some plants we neglect and leaf and they don’t last very long. But that’s what our products are like. They’re all natural ingredients that go into your scalp, into your hair. Some go into inside the follicles, some work on the outside of the follicle, but it’s their natural hair beans. But they’re designed to help and repair. And what we found is while someone who’s one product, from the minute you look at your hair, and you’ve washed your hair, you know our shampoos are all repairing, feeding, detangling, strengthening, and every single thing on the brand or on the brands works. And what we’ve done is we’ve designed a quiz, because because the products on that basis, some of our shampoos, because the products, our packaging is eco, the product of really high end. So a tiny little bit goes a long way. So if you’re you know, some people will buy a bottle from the supermarket and the bottle of shampoo will be gone in a week to two weeks. Notice you’re looking at four or five times the amount of amount of time because you only need tiny little bit. But what we try and do is advise people what they need, not what they think that they need. Because we want our customers to come back and be with us long term. And over time, you know, your hair changes. So your products are going to change with what you need. But we like if you only need shampoo, and you don’t need a conditioner, we won’t sell you a conditioner.

Micha 19:13

Dawn 19:14
Because we’re not here to waste your money. We’re here to give you a really high end product that you’re going to see the results from. And I think that’s why getting out and about is saying to people, look, this is the brand. We have live chat on our web page and people on our Instagram so people can ask questions. We’ve done a quiz so people can have a look or we can suggest sort of what products they want

Micha 19:35
It’s about hair types really

Dawn 19:37

Micha 19:37
If you have fine hair, if you put too much product on your hair, it will weigh your hair down and that’s not what we want. We want to add volume you and we want to make you feel like you I’ve got hair to play with. And so people have really thick hair but it’s really course. or rarely dry. And then we’ve got different shampoos so we’ve got a shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. And then we’ve got a shampoo and conditioner for really thick or dry hair. That just needs some Extra love and attention. So that’s like that’s why we’ve done the quiz in order for people to go right what shampoo or conditioner do I need? either with that one or that one. So if the quiz tells you exactly what their needs were

Jan Kearney 20:13
so it’s more like if you’ve got your quiz on your website and you talk to people at your makers market

Dawn 20:18
Yeah. Yeah, well sorry.

Jan Kearney 20:22
When in actual shops for example, we

Dawn 20:25
So we have a salon in Crosby leisure centre, that stock us, we have an amazing amazing seller have to pull okay. Rebecca Christina in Warrington, you need to get hold of and do her. And she’s absolutely amazing. And she stocks us and she met us at the maker’s market,

Jan Kearney 20:47

Micha 20:49
That’s why she loves us so much because the second we said we’re vegan because it’s not it’s not really that popular for vegan hair products and the second she said we said we were vegan on everything she was like right I love you. I want to try this.

Dawn 21:03

Micha 21:03
And she’s never left us and she stocks us as well doesn’t she?

Dawn 21:07
But she’s a vegan salon with vegan colour and you know, being vegan is some people think that you you know that you’re a bit weird if you’d be and it’s like none of our products are tested on animals. All of the products sources are natural. Everything is designed, you know, everything is designed with care with care and to be healthy and using. There is no damage whatsoever in any of the products 100% Botanical,

Micha 21:34
you’d say when you get shampoos and conditioners and they’ve got so many chemicals and more damaging to your hair than anything.

Jan Kearney 21:41
Well I’m going

Micha 21:41
It’s awful because you don’t want to wreck your hair. Your hair is like the first thing like people look at you for. It’s the top of your head and it’s so important. And especially when you lose it, which I’ve lost my hair so I understand what it is and it’s not a nice feeling. And I remember being prescribed these, it was like a cream and a gel for my head and it smelled like plaster. It was disgusting. It didn’t feel comfortable. It didn’t work at all. And I was just spending so much money trying to find something that worked. These are amazing for price for the start and really do the job and the smell amazing and they don’t feel sticky to don’t feel uncomfortable, they don’t burn, they’re all natural, there’s no harsh chemicals and that can cause more damage, which is the most important thing I think anyway, so that’s that’s nice as well.

Dawn 21:45
Also as well. We stock were really popular in with a couple of salons in Liverpool. But they are Brazilian salons so

Jan Kearney 22:47

Dawn 22:47
and the Brazilian blow dry is based on I go back to old fashioned hairdressing it’s basically perming but straightening.

Jan Kearney 22:58

Dawn 22:59
But the devil is like a chemical straightening but when we used to do it, which was perm lotion and talcum powder. It was funny. We were talking about that the other day because the lanolin and the talcum powder would help repair but now the use of a chemical and straighteners and I’m like oh, however, we have miracle a Miracle Mask, we have our repairing argan oil, and our hair maskand our Shake It Baby which helps. And a girl called Adrena actually use the brand and was like, can I recommend it to my customers that are absolutely, but she asked if we would translate the website so that because a lot of her clients are Brazilian and don’t speak English. So we’ve then gone and made sure that our web page and everything on there is multilingual as well. So you can select your language and it automatically translates for you. So that, you know we’re really popular there. And we also have some children that we’re going to be showing some photographs on our webpage later on in the year. What we what we don’t want to do is is go this is a child that’s lost their hair and now it’s back. But we have those success stories and I’ve got one amazing mom, whose little boy she bought some products for herself. And little boy hadn’t had any hair and she used our products on him Didn’t he use loads, loads, loads, loads, didn’t expect it to work and been on to the hospital. We’re supposed to be having immune therapy and injections and his hair has come back and when you see pictures it’s like that This to me I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do. Just helping that one little boy and when you see the pictures we’re just waiting for it to come back a little bit a bit more. But not only is his hair comeback. Yeah, it’s got his melanin. It’s got his natural pigment and its natural colour which says to me this it’s gonna have longevity. It’s all by basically feeding his hair with the Safety First. Which is packed full of proteins, or it’s literally, it’s literally transformed his life. And I’ve got success stories where that’s what we’re about transforming people’s lives and making them feel good. And I say when we show this little boy’s journey, it’s going to be amazing. And I know that will impact on sales but I want people we haven’t we haven’t sold the brand like that we’d say, you know, try it and tell us what you think. And every single product on the range has been as evolved based on customer feedback and what they want and yes, this works and you know, again, from the men’s range with the shampoo and the even the stand clay is helping receding hairlines, patches. You know, we’ve got we’ve got guys that we work with that just just beaming about the products aren’t they?

Micha 25:50

Dawn 25:52
told you I waffle!

Jan Kearney 25:56
I mentioned it didn’t I when we first spoke a few days ago, because when you said I’m really interested in doing this, and I went, Oh, my God, glitter and pink, petrified. So yeah, I’m not your market. And then you went hair repair – menopause and I’m going, actually Yes. Because I’m at that stage where my hair is literally coming out in clumps, and it’s really, really sad. And I wouldn’t have even associated because I just see pink and glitter. Absolutely gorgeous women and it’s like up to my elbows in compost and rotten nails. And that’s what I do. But so No, I’ll certainly be having a having a go at you. Whatever. What would you recommend for menopausal women with no hair so.

Dawn 26:39
I mean, I’ll be honest with you, I’m really really struggling at the moment. You know, she is I am in my flushes are not good. Again,

Micha 26:47
Wet toes, say one minute she’s like, really soaking, like sweating, butt really cold and you’ll touch her and she’s bold but she’s wet.

Dawn 26:55
What you don’t realise is that it’s had an impact. So that’s had an impact on my hair. You know, I’d started losing, it’s gotten a little bit thinner. Hygroscopic. So when you know what it’s like, when you become that age, and you start flushing, you don’t just flush on your body, your hair gets absolutely soaking because

Jan Kearney 27:16
that’s it,

Dawn 27:16
You know, that?

Jan Kearney 27:21
You just

Dawn 27:23
Like this morning I said to Mich, I said, I can’t I’m sick of getting in the shower and get out. And then within 10 minutes, I’m pretty wet again.

Yeah, I’ve got Shake It Baby on this morning. I should have I should have shown shouldn’t I? Left one side, and we should have popped on a demonstration of what menopause does.to your hair, and how Shake It Baby will help, as I say, helps keep it down, keep it straight. If you’re out and work and you’re having a flush, there’s nothing worse than when your hair goes bush so

Jan Kearney 27:54
Min is always scrawped back and tied back so you don’t see my hair. So yeah, it’s just, it’s the Yep, the coming out, it literally comes out in clumps.

Dawn 28:05

Micha 28:05
that’s Safety First

Dawn 28:08
that, but that’s all down to your hormones. Because what happens is, and again, this is why I don’t know whether you’ve read in the in the news that COVID is making people lose their hair. And what it is your body, his hair is not an essential item in your bodies, you know, your heart, your lungs, your liver, your kidneys, everything, you know, that’s that’s your number one priority in your in your brains, you know, mind hair, and nails and everything isn’t, What happens is all of the natural vitamins and minerals that are as I said, you know, remember your your natural plant feed doesn’t go to those organs. So again, if you’re having any sort of like physical treatment, that’s why you lose your hair. Because all of your, I call it your polypeptide chains and all of your proteins and enzymes that you need the hair to be strong and grow, don’t and it’s like if people are poorly, what’s the first thing to go? Their hair. Mentally, that’s the worst thing for somebody who’s poorly because if they if they don’t have the look in the mirror and they don’t like themselves or their feeling, there’s no no other sensation to tell you about when you lose your hair cut, hold your hair and it’s coming out regardless of whether what age you are or regardless of how that causes, you know, and even we were talking about, you know, domestic violence charity that that, you know, people losing their hair through violence, it’s a horrible thing. So what we’ve done is that especially the Safety First has all of the natural feeds, like, you know, plant feed really for your hair. As long as you’ve got some natural enzymes in there, these will latch on and then multiply and multiply and multiply and make your hair strong. You just it’s basically like, what’s that plant feed field? Is it baby bio,

Jan Kearney 29:52
Baby bio

Dawn 29:54
baby by us. It’s like a miracle gro. This is what it is. It’s amazing. It’s a miracle grow for your hair something like something like that we say we call our Shake It Baby a miracle in a bottle because that’s a repair and on the outside, because this is what’s funny is you can feed on the inside. But if you’re not looking on the outside, especially if you’re using hairdryer, straighteners, wands and men use it I’ve seen so many men nowadays wrecking their hair from using straighteners

Micha 30:21
and perms. There’s a lot of men having perms lately, and it’s not not very good for your hair at all. But if they’re using Safety First and it’s, it’s done wonders hasn’t it already already. The pages like this is what we always say to people every time we recommend the product we always say, we say please keep in touch. And let us know how you get on. So if you follow us on Instagram, we can see their journey as well. So we can also include like, let’s just say one thing isn’t working for them, we can try something else for 9 times out of 10 everything’s been perfect. And the pictures of the journey so far that we’re coming across or even visually see of people that we haven’t seen in a couple of months because the bottles lasted a couple months and then they come back and be like we need more. And the difference from then to then is astronomical. It’s It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Dawn 31:13

Micha 31:14
How much of a difference is it made on the best way as well.

Dawn 31:19
But based on that, what we’ve decided to do is we’ve we’ve got the hair range now other than the dry shampoo because we’ve been asked people how do you do with dry shampoo? Can you do dry shampoo? Can you do dry shampoo. So with that and that will be coming out that’s called Give It Some Umph that will be with us hopefully within a week hopefully we’ll have that ready for when we go into John Lewis’ is the other product and the only beauty products that we’re going to do but we do our vegan tan. The only reason that we’ve got the vegan tan is because when Micha was at home I was so sick of false tan being on our bedding I always said if I got the chance to do a tan that doesn’t come off and doesn’t go anywhere and smells nice. so we did we did that and we did that because of the name we thought we have to have our own our own tan. But the the other beauty product that we that we’re doing is an eyebrow and eyelash serum. Some companies selling the product into one for eyebrows and one for eyelashes ours is one product for those and it’s called Wink Wink grande it will get Wink Wink and it will double your eyelashes and your eyebrows and two weeks.

Jan Kearney 32:37

Dawn 32:37
Two weeks and we’re seeing results. and that should we just finished off the final packaging designs and that should be here within within the next week

Micha 32:44
So popular now for everyone. They really really want fluffy brows and I have to draw mine on because I haven’t got them! People just want to be able to actually have fluffy brows because I can’t grow them

Dawn 32:58
know neither can I and I love the thing with menopause, ladies eyelashes more eyelashes and I’ve noticed for mine mine have gone really really thin and yeah definitely you when you see my journey I’m going to do before and after as well but already through the trials you can see that mine are a lot better than what they were before. But again, all vegan all eco and yeah, available will be available hopefully within the next four weeks

Jan Kearney 33:29
Wow. Well we’re hitting our half hour and it goesnowhere!

Dawn 33:33
Oh my god that’s gone quick!

Jan Kearney 33:34
I could sit and just listen to you.

Dawn 33:37
Just to let you know we’ve got local courier as well in the area. So if you order online we’ve put all of our couriers in pink hi-vis so that you will see them for safety reasons. So anyone who wants it delivered to their door you know that your

Jan Kearney 33:52
I was going ask you about your pink couriers

Dawn 33:59

Jan Kearney 33:59
Is it just in Widnes your pink couriers?

Dawn 34:01
Do you know what a Widnes, Warrington, St Helens, Liverpool, Wales, some parts of Wales just on the parameter but but yeah that we can get some over to Wales as well by going through the tunnel

Jan Kearney 34:16
right okay, so you don’t hit the bridge. Do Runcorn?

Dawn 34:19
oh yeah we do Runcorn! We miss Warrington Runcorn, St Helens, all around and a bit further afield if we need to. If we’ve got orders, we will deliver anywhere but if not we’ve got first we use first class Royal Mail signed for, we can ship internationally or if you watch us on our our pages you can see where we are at the makers market and we’re everywhere. While I’ve been little Sandbach everywhere, Preston Yeah. So this weekend with Great Sankey, Warrington South great Sankey and Warrington Town Centre,

Jan Kearney 34:57
Fab. So where can people find you online? I’m going to will get all the links together and put them in the show notes as well. But so if you tell people where they can contact you online, where’s the best place to find you? Is it on Instagram?

Dawn 35:12
So on our web page, www.Yesbvip.com. And that takes you straight to our our E shop. We’ve got our Facebook, yes,

Micha 35:22
Facebook shop. And yeah. So just a swipe up. So if you click on the products and swipe up it will come up as a swipe up to compare just via Instagram On Facebook as well.

Dawn 35:35
Our Facebook is @YesB&LittleBVIP. So you’ve we put that because on our Facebook page, and we are adding pictures of some of our little Bs who send pictures in and when we’re out and about also, we also have an accessories range as well. We’re doing some festivals in the summer. So we’ve got a festival glam collection, and just basically some accessories which will give people some something to look at, you know. Having a hair brand, not everyone will come over straightaway. But if you’ve got loads of bling, headbands, which we have, we’ve got bandanas and all kinds of accessories. People again, people, we have to have a little bit of sparkle a little bit. Yeah, but then, like one lady said to me, at the weekend, she said, Well, she said, I’m not really clear that yours is a hair repair brand. I’ve read your leaflet and I want to know how it works. I said what made you come over? She said, Well, I sold sparkling headbands. I said well it worked then. Because you’ve come over we’ve been able to talk to you about the brands. Yeah, because if you say hair repair and vegan, a lot of people will walk away. So we’re you know, we’re trying to try and get people to come over. By visuals. That’s why we’re always in uniform.

Micha 36:53

Dawn 36:54
Always in uniform and trying to show people that we are, you know, a high end brand that we also we are people that care about people. That’s what we’re here for. We’re not just products on the shelf. We listen to people on the brands has been developed around people’s issues because we really care. We’re not just pluck to shampoo or conditioner for the sake of it. Every single product has a meaning and has because we want to make a difference.

Jan Kearney 37:18
Oh, that’s brilliant. So yeah, if we wrap it up for there for now, and you don’t just get one. So I’m sure we’ll be back talking to each other. Perhaps after you’ve done your john Lewis. Know how it went and how fabulous you were. So I thank you very much. I can’t thank you enough for coming along today. And I’ll get this edited and back out as soon as I can. So thank you very much and now so

Dawn 37:48
nice to have

Jan Kearney 37:51

Transcribed with otter.ai

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